Victor in one of his many contests (1967)

Victor Faber started his baton twirling career in 1937 under the instruction of Richard "Dick" Dougherty of Findlay, Ohio.

Faber was the Twirling Drum Major for the following Bands.  Farm Bureau Band, Findlay High School Band, Ralph D. Cole Post #3 American Legion and The Ohio University Bobcat Band.

After receiving Superior Ratings and Championships in State, Tri-State and National Programs he went on to collect a Silver Medal at the Chicagoland Music Festival, hosted by the Chicago Tribune, a Third Place at The St. Louis National V.F.W. Competition followed by the 1949 Coveted Gold Medal Award given by the University of Michigan Bands as National Collegiate Twirling Championship.

Faber entered Show Business and worked as a Clown and a Baton Twirling Juggling Act. He worked a show with Henny Youngman and was a "Feature Performer" with the Hank Williams Show in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1947 he started a Baton Twirling Club called, Drum Majorettes of America (DMA). He designed the Score sheets for Twirling, Strutting and Best Appearing. Later the Strutting was divided into Fancy Strutting with a Fancy type uniform and Military Strutting with a Military type uniform and Military bearing. There were Score Sheets for other events designed by Faber, such as Duets, Small Teams, Majorette Drill Teams, Majorette Show Teams and Majorette Corps. Along with Twirling and Strutting they also had a Talent and Modeling portion to appear in. Twice a year we would have a finials type of program that would let them compete for the Grand Title.

In 1960 following a Teaching trip to Hawaii, Faber started the World Twirling Association (WTA). He left his mark on the Sport of Baton Twirling and is know far and wide for his efforts. He is the only person ever in this field to Head Up a Baton Twirling Organization that was a Champion Baton Twirler.

We therefore recognize him as a true Pioneer in this field and for the creativity that he developed and the encouragement he gave to others.

Faber retired in 1980 and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where he still resides.

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